Having a well-organized pantry is an excellent way to transform your kitchen. Knowing what you have in your kitchen and where it is crucial. That way, you can cook deliciously in an organized way without feeling bored. It is frustrating to look for ingredients or food you know you already have, but you can’t find them. Sometimes, by the time you find the items, they’re already expired. Learn how to organize your kitchen, and keep and sort your ingredients.

Having a disorganized pantry can lead to many problems. But organizing your pantry helps you avoid expiring ingredients and packaging loss that can cause spillage and attract pests. You also buy the ingredients you need. That way, you avoid having an overpacked pantry. Organizing your pantry allows you to use the ingredients on time before they expire. You’ll cook delicious meals and save lots of time and money. You are also free to try some new dishes with these ingredients. Follow these tips and ideas to keep your pantry organized. They include:

  • Examine your pantry 

Check the type of pantry you have. This is crucial before you can start the organizing process. Learn when the items you’re working with are. Understand the unique dimension of the pantry. You need to know how many shelves you have and whether to buy a pantry door organizer. Also, measure the height of your pantry shelves. After taking the correct measurements for the shelves depending on the right size of the items, you can organize them depending on their size and condition. 

  • Start with items that are less used. Keep your holiday baking supplies and special occasion appliances on the top shelves. This way, you can remove them when you need them. 
  • The everyday items like salt, oil, and coffee should be closed so you can access them easily. 
  • Keep snacks on the lower shelves or at the pantry door organizer where your kids can reach them easily. 

For bulky and heavy items, store them on the bottom. That way, they won’t slip or fall on your foot when lifting them. Also, you have to consider the space that you have in between your shelves. For large areas, keep the pastry in big boxes. However, if the shelves are adjustable, you should set them so that they can match your containers and the packages you buy. 

  • Store similar items together 

Store similar ingredients together to avoid the mix-up and make it easier to pick the right things from the organizer. That way, once you find one item, you’ll know the next item. Keep pasta, sauces, spreads, etc., together in their sections. 

  • Avoid overstuffing your selves

You get overwhelmed when you have too many items in your pantry. If your pantry is overstocked, you can quickly pull one thing instead of what you need. When your pantry has space, you can move the items around to find the specific one you need when cooking. But if you prefer to do shopping in bulk, then have a separate space where you can keep the extras. Move the items in your pantry only when replacing them or when you need them.

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