The finishing touch when it comes to giving your house personality is accessorising. With the absence of the finishing touches, even the best-designed homes can look empty. Vases are one of the go-to techniques used by interior décor experts to improve the look of the space and add character. Whether made of glass, porcelain, ceramic, wood, metal, or resin, these decor items may be exactly what you need to upgrade your house.

How to Use Them for Decorating?

Every room in the house can be decorated with vases. You can place them anywhere from the floor to shelves fixed on the wall. They can improve the surface they are placed on and contribute to the room’s overall attractiveness. They can also be used empty or filled with artistic materials by interior designers. Simply said, there are countless ways to decorate with these homewares.

Make a Bold Statement with Designer Vases Made of Resin

Make a Bold Statement with Designer Vases Made of Resin


There are traditional ceramic designs that are ubiquitous and there are one-of-a-kind items like designer handmade vases. Have you ever wished to make a bold statement by using interesting and distinctive and unique vases to decorate your home? A designer vase made of vibrant resin placed on a coffee table or a collection tastefully arranged along the staircase can bring opulence to your interior design.

Plus, even though vases can be found in every home, you will know that no one else will have the same table decor as yours since a designer vase made of resin will be one-of-a-kind. No two handmade designer items will be the same as the process of making resin objects results in a unique blend of swirls and colours.

Use Colourful Pieces to Uplift the Hallway

The hallway is where we greet guests. This makes it an ideal place to display vases full of fresh flowers, which are sure to create a pleasant and uplifting first impression. 

When it comes to hallway decor, you know that a console table is a must. In addition to being functional, a console table will provide you with a surface to add some decor pieces so that visitors can get a feel of your style. Decorate the console with colourful resin vases, show off your favourite family photographs, and add a touch of nature with plants.

Placing a mirror over a console table will not only make a hallway look larger, but it is also a great way to enhance a collection of flowers, making them appear lusher.

Arrange Sculptural Pieces on a Side or End Table

Arranging pieces of different sizes and forms on an end or side table can be a fantastic way to add interest to an otherwise boring living room space. Use vases in odd numbers varying heights to maintain rhythm and balance. If you decide to stick to a monochromatic palette, use pieces with sculptural shapes and materials with lots of surface texture.

As for table style, a plain table will not detract from the artistic presentation.

Create a Charming Centrepiece 

Create a Charming Centrepiece


Nothing beats a gorgeous hand-tied bouquet of seasonal blossoms for filling a space with colour and aroma, and they also make the ideal accent piece for entertaining guests, whether at a dinner party or afternoon tea in the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to branch out from the usual glass vase when it comes to presenting flowers as a dining table décor concept.

Large flowers like double tulips, peonies, garden roses, and hydrangeas look especially beautiful when displayed in urns in confit jars. The smaller neck makes it easier to hold and support these larger stems, creating an eye-catching centrepiece.

Line a Mantel 

Arranging a succession of vases of various shapes and heights around the mantle is a great mantel décor concept. Choose handmade resin designs with texture and interest for an aesthetic display with texture and intrigue. While they look great as a year-round display, you can help freshen up your mantel all year long by filling them with a few single stems of seasonal flowers.

Fill Them With Dried Flowers

Fresh flowers are hard to match, but their lifespan is limited. Decorating with dried flowers allows you to create a gorgeous lasting display.

Since dried flowers shrink throughout the drying process, more stems are usually required to fill a vase. And this can look messy. To hide the stems, think about choosing an opaque or tinted glass design. Use a lot of dried flowers with a wobble in the stem because straight, inflexible dried flowers are typical.

Fill a Tall Vase with Sculptural Branches

Plants are always a good choice for inexpensive decor; in fact, a few foraged, leafy branches can create a stunning sculptural centrepiece in a neutral space. Use tall designs with slender necks to display branches so they stay upright. Apothecary glass vases, on the other hand, work well for untamed, whimsical, recently-gathered bunches of longer stems and branches.

Feel Free to Decorate With Empty Vases

Feel Free to Decorate With Empty Vases


These beautiful home items shouldn’t be kept in a cupboard and occasionally be pulled out whenever you want to display a bouquet. They make gorgeous decor even on their own. So, there’s no need to store them away once the flowers have withered because many of them look just as wonderful without flowers as they do with them.

Urns, confit pots, and vintage jugs are just a few examples of containers that are commonly used as vessels and also make wonderful ornamental items. Designs featuring exquisite colours, patterns, textures and sculptural shapes can make stunning arrangements. And they look great when presented in odd numbers and at varying heights.

When decorating, you should have a variety of them to suit different flower needs. A huge bouquet filled with blooms will need the right container to show them off; conversely, a well-chosen vase can elevate the humblest of blossoms into a gorgeous centrepiece or arrangement, so having a variety of sizes and shapes accessible is important.

Vases with a smaller neck than their base are the simplest to arrange flowers in. Try a thin flaring glass design for an arrangement of soaring spire flowers like delphiniums or larkspur, and leave it clear to allow the blooms to speak for themselves. 


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