Ever stayed in a dorm room? If yes, you will agree that they are typically unappealingly simple and even austere (in a way). With off-white walls and utilitarian bunk beds, there is a lot you need to import before you can feel at home.

However, freshening up a drab dorm room is pretty simple and does not have to be expensive. With a very attractive room, you will be able to study better. You will also be able to ignore questions like “can I do my assignment somewhere else or pay someone to do my assignment?” 

This is for you if you’re looking for some decorating ideas. This article has plenty of tips and ideas to transform a plain room into a room that easily exudes your personality. 

Here are the tips to note:

Know Your Dorm Rules And Regulations

Before beginning any college dorm preparation, read your supplied housing material to ensure you understand what is allowed and required. Knowing the regulations ahead of time will spare you the trouble of having to return that extension cable you just bought. 

Packing lists can also be obtained through your college’s housing department. Many provide college essentials advice to get you started, such as first aid kits, emergency flashlights, umbrellas, and so on. Also, knowing how big or small your room is ahead of time will guide your packing process. It will also reduce your wall decor plans.

Make Your Space Well Lighted

The lighting in dorm rooms is usually drab. Not having a bright enough space can cause you to look interested in reading. It might even make you think, “I might have to pay someone to do my assignment.”

You need to add to the existing lights, and a string light set placed right can help drive up the room’s lighting. Some string lights even have options such as smart lighting, strobe flashing, and remote control features to add party flair.

You can either drape them across your bed or workspace or use them to outline your window or wardrobe doors. However, as previously advised, ensure this is in line with the regulations of your dormitory.

Welcome Visitors With A Welcome Mat

The greatest dorm rooms immediately establish the tone. A doormat in the hallway will keep your dorm tidy while letting your neighbors know what you’re about!

Make a DIY welcome mat that complements the décor of your dorm room. Consider placing a favorite statement or saying on your welcome mat to greet your visitors. Do you want your mat to be one of a kind?

Like homes, dorm rooms should set the right tone by making your friends feel at home right from the door. A doormat/rug can help you achieve this. This option also goes beyond your visitors; it lets your neighbors and roommates know the kind of person you are. You can also emboss a personal motto on the mat or with a print company.

Rug “n’ Curtains

Whether cheap or not, rugs will always add warmth to your dorm room. It will also give you (and your visitors or roommates) the feeling of home. Rugs are not essential for college, but they can add that homely feeling to a space when used.

All that is left is hot tea and a good book on a cold night, and you’re back home. Do not get too comfortable; there are more important books to read. You can choose to use a single large rug or have multiple smaller sizes for a more textured look. You might want to consider easy-to-clean rugs. These should allow easy dusting to clean them or give them a good scrub every once in a while. Multipurpose rugs are a good choice here.

Curtains can help customize a space if your dorm room allows for them. Ensure they are fit for simple hanging jobs. You do not want curtains that might prove difficult to maintain. Check if you can get curtains and rugs from home to reduce costs. You can also get some nice ones from auctions and yard sales.

Do Not Ignore Vertical Space

Staying in a small room necessitates using vertical space and hidden storage spaces. Use bookshelves and wall shelves to store books, cosmetics, necessities, or even a portable speaker to save space.

Wall hooks can also help you maximize space and limit décor. The hooks can go along the wall to the ceiling, where they can hold hanging plants and string lights. They can also help with divider curtains, room partitioning, and wall décor types.

Ensure you use all vertical space to be able to create a workspace for yourself. If you do not take advantage of vertical spaces, you might not get enough space to read and do your assignments. In such a case, you begin to ask questions about a writing help and you spend extra while living uncomfortably.

Use Wallpaper To Personalize Your Walls

Consider wallpaper if the walls in your dorm room are plain. Use the removable type in case you need to move or change them. This can be an enjoyable DIY project for you and your roommates or friends. You might need some tools for this task – whatever tools you need will be easy to get. However, although wallpapers are great, many students still go for the common newspaper clippings and poster wallpaper.

Make Your Room Appear Larger By Going Vertical

Even though the beds are frequently high, the furniture in dorm rooms creates a flat and grounded space appearance. Use that height to your advantage. Use posters, high shelves, wall art, and line lights to give a longer, higher, and more expansive appearance. 

Let the window(s) appear as the focal point. You can achieve this by the arrangement of furniture. Arrange your room so the window becomes the focal point for letting light in. Mirrors can also offer a different approach.

Having adjacent mirrors or one mirror opposite your window will allow light to dance into the room. You can install your mirror behind your room door or inside your closet door since these are also easily accessible. 

Use Wall Art 

Utilizing a lot of wall art, such as pictures and paintings, is a quick and easy way to fill up and beautify your dorm room. Most dorm rooms come covered in white or grey paint, so using wall art in your dorm rooms introduces color and vitality.

A personal picture can come in handy here. Family pictures are also not out of place, as they inform people how you cherish your family. Framed images and art are a low-cost option too.


Of course, decorating your college dorm room isn’t as crucial as attending classes and your extracurriculars. However, having your dorm room so well arranged that it reminds you of a home might help you adjust better and faster.

New acquaintances will feel welcomed into your intriguing and welcoming area. In all truth, being comfortable in your dorm may transfer into improved study habits, a brighter mood, and even a larger social network. 


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