Moving from one home to another, whether you’re moving across the city or the country, can be an exciting and thrilling experience. However, it can also bring about dread, especially if you’re unsure how to prepare beforehand or make the transition go smoothly. 

If you’re in this situation and wondering how to make moving fun and easier, then don’t fret. These tips will help you put your best foot forward and have a trouble-free relocation experience with your family.

  • Hire professional movers

Hiring professional moving and packaging companies can be a great option to make your move hassle free. They are trained in packing, loading, and driving, so you don’t have to worry about anything. They can get the job done much faster if you’re on a tight timeline. Professional movers also have insurance, which is a tremendous relief if something goes wrong during the relocation.

Many moving companies will charge by the hour or weight, but most opt for flat rates. Flat rates usually cost more upfront but save you money overall since there are no additional fees for loading or unloading. 

Furthermore, always use furniture pads when placing heavy items in your vehicle before the movers load them on their trucks or storage units to avoid damage. Likewise, you can ask the movers how to best pack fragile items like glassware or lamps; even plastic wrap can protect expensive items from breakage. 

  • Rent a storage unit

While moving, you’ll need a place to store your belongings. Storage units are perfect for this. You can rent storage units that are near your new home or office. With storage units, you don’t have to worry about packing everything up again when you move. 

Let’s say you want to rent a storage unit in Overland Park, Kansas. In that case, look up storage units Overland Park Kansas and rest your mind at ease. They provide amazing amenities, including on-site rental kiosks, round-the-clock security monitoring, and the best customer service.

  • Have a packing party

Ask your friends to help with the moving process, and try inviting them for a packing party so you can all work together, enjoy food and drinks, and have fun. This way, you don’t have to pack up your entire house all by yourself, making the move-in process much more manageable. 

Packing is exhausting and takes up a lot of time if done alone. So, make it easy on yourself by putting on some music, decorating some boxes using different colors for different things, and inviting friends over for a packing party. They’ll be happy to help you in return for pizza, wine, or any other foods or drinks they might like.

Another crucial tip is to start planning what goes where. If you plan everything out beforehand, the packing process will go faster. As a result, this will make your move more efficient and less stressful. 

  • Get rid of anything you don’t need

It’s likely that while residing in your previous home for several years, you gathered several pieces of decoration, furniture, and other belongings. Books, souvenirs, artwork, furniture, appliances, and much more could be included. 

Relocating signifies a brand-new beginning. So, what good does it do to bring unnecessary items to your new place? For this reason, separate the items you don’t need or want to bring to the new location.

For fun, you may arrange a small garage sale and put-up things you do not use/need anymore. This strategy will help you a little in terms of finances. Of course, it will not end up paying your entire moving bill. 

  • Recycle and Repurpose

Truthfully, you won’t be able to sell every item you put up for sale. But you may be moving into a smaller house or want to get rid of all the extra items. In either situation, you still have plenty of options. For instance, you can ask friends and family if they could utilize specific items. 

You can donate to a local charity. Or try to recycle it, only if manageable. But, regardless of your choice, ensure it gets completed before the relocation day. By doing so, you will be repurposing or recycling items instead of throwing them away.  

  • Stay Organized

Organizing is crucial. Take a moment before the move and draft a packing list. Check off items as you pack them, and use sticky notes to label boxes with what room they belong in. Use your time wisely while you’re packing up your house. Try working your way through one room at a time and work from top-to-bottom, front to back, or side to side (whatever works best for the layout of your house). 

You will probably need to empty your fridge before moving. And what better way to do that than to gather with the family, set out a spread, and create new dishes together? 

Also, ensure everything is labeled so that it can be easily found once you arrive at your new place. For example, ensure bedding is tagged with BEDROOM, kitchenware is labeled KITCHEN, etc.

  • Don’t overstress yourself

You won’t be able to perform any tasks if you are anxious. Anxiousness will cause you to make mistakes, delaying the moving process. Moving is less difficult than you may imagine. Although there is a lot of responsibility, take your time and try to implement the plan gradually. That will make it simpler. 

Enlist the help of professionals or call friends and family members to tackle unmanageable chores. Instead of stressing yourself out, asking for help is a viable decision.

And don’t forget to build a fort for fun. Your children will love a fort out of the empty boxes you unpacked when you move into your new house. 


The day will come when you have to pack up and move out of the apartment or home you currently live in, and if you don’t prepare yourself, it can be one long, arduous day. Of course, the hardest part about moving is getting the physical work done and packing everything up into boxes, but plenty of other things can make it miserable if you don’t take care of them first. So, take charge of your moving experience by learning how to make it easier and more fun with the abovementioned moving tips.

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