If you are looking for a hassle-free window treatment, you can consider buying window shutters. They are prevalent all across households and commercial spaces in the country.

Buying and installing plantation shutters is a good investment for both outdoor and indoor spaces. It adds functionalities as well as boosts your house value. 

While buying a window shutter, most manufacturers offer different material options. Each of them has its unique benefits and durability standards. In this article, you can find out the top three materials used for window shutters.

PVC Shutters

Polyvinyl Chloride, commonly referred to as PVC, is one of the most chosen materials for window shutters. The main reason is their affordable price tag, and also, most of these shutters have an aluminium core. These are some of the most durable and robust options you have. Besides that, as they are made of PVC, they are highly resistant to moisture in the air.

Another reason to buy PVC shutters is their maintenance, and these shutters do not have a lengthy and expensive maintenance program. Even a quick wiping once a week can keep them clean. Buying high-quality products from a reputed manufacturer will ensure that the shutters last longer.

Timber Shutters

Timber shutters are one of the top choices of buyers looking for plantation shutters. They look beautiful and add an elegant look to your house both from the interior and exterior.

These shutters are usually affordable and cost less than designer curtains. However, they offer more practicality because of their low maintenance, even at a low price point. 

Timber shutters are usually durable and structurally sound, making them a good investment for homeowners. Besides, these shutters are also versatile in their approach.

They can merge and suit any interior design, regardless of whether it is traditional or modern. Also, they are excellent insulators, which help buyers maintain their room temperature as they want. 

Aluminium Shutters

These shutters provide the most durable and secure option to buyers looking for such a window treatment. Although a bit costlier than a PVC or timber shutter, they are also the most long-lasting ones on the market. Many buyers prefer these over other materials because of their endurance.

However, the main USP of these shutters is in their withstanding capabilities. They are lighter than steel shutters but offer more flexibility and convenience. They can retain their structure, colour and durability even in the harshest weather conditions.

Which of these materials has the best insulating properties?

Plantation Shutters

Before buying a window shutter, some buyers are curious about the insulating capabilities of the different materials. PVC and aluminium window shutters come at the top of the list in their insulation capabilities and are the best for houses in Australia.

Nevertheless, timber shutters also provide good insulation for your interiors. When fitted correctly, all window shutters provide almost an identical insulation ability.

Wrapping Up

Buying window plantation shutters from a top-rated manufacturer in Australia will guarantee you the best quality. A high-quality shutter also ensures that your room’s ventilation is always optimum. Besides that, you can also control and tweak changes to the amount of sunlight that enters your room. 

What’s more interesting is that the shutters look exquisite and improve the Home’s Energy Efficiency. They can bring a classic country-style look to your home at affordable rates. So look for a trusted seller and explore different options before buying your shutters.


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