When you are searching for your ultimate home on a golf course, Naples might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, this secret spot for golfers and homebuyers alike has quickly made itself a fantastic place for property investment.

Journey with us as we walk you through everything you need to know about golf course homes for sale in Naples, Florida.

What is Naples known for?

The first thing you might think of when you hear “Naples” is likely their amazing pizza or possibly even its cuisine and legendary coffee. However, there is something else here that is worth your complete attention: The golf courses. 

With over eighty stunning championship golf courses in the area, Naples is the place with more golf courses per capita than any other area in the world. This means that Naples is in fact likely the best spot worldwide for buying a golf course home.

With so many options to choose from and such a wide range of golf course views that you could have outside your window, you can get the perfect home on a golf course that suits all your tastes and needs.

The secret spots for sale in Naples?

While Naples is a relatively large area with so many golf courses to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your homing choices. Not to worry, however, because we have a few suggestions on that front.

Whilst you should look around and examine as many different parts of Naples as you can, some of the best golf course homes are going to be found in Bonita Bay and Park Shore. 

Live the golfer’s dream!

If you are an avid or passionate golfer or even if you are just beginning to enjoy the sport, a home on a championship golf course may just be a dream come true. With your favorite scenery surrounding your property and constant access to the green, you can enjoy the game anytime you like.

There is a big difference between traveling to a golf course once in a while and actually living surrounded by one. It could easily be compared to traveling to the Caribbean for a vacation and actually living there. Rather than just getting the temporary buzz from the environment you enjoy so much, you can actually unwind and immerse yourself in that atmosphere and lifestyle 24/7. 

Author bio-

Jim & Kathy Murdoch have been involved with real estate in South Florida and want to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

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