Summertime is finally here! That means we will all be outside, barbecuing, playing games, hosting poolside parties, and making the most of the hot days. Your backyard will soon be teeming with visitors, pets, family, and toys – that is the summer way in America.

The goal here is to transform your backyard into the perfect place to escape, somewhere you can unwind and have fun.

To get your backyard ready for all the upcoming action, here are five items you need to have in your outdoor space to make things perfect for the new season:

A strategically placed mirror can double the size of your patio area instantly. Mirrors have always been useful for their impressive space and light-boosting abilities, and to top it all off, they look gorgeous doing that.

Mirrors don’t need to be strictly for indoor use, they can be used outdoors or in the garden too – you simply need to follow a few safety guidelines. Ensure that the mirror won’t focus the sun directly onto anything flammable. Position the mirrors in a shady area or at an angle to avoid intense spots of sunlight.

  • Plants

Without plants, a backyard can be so drab with just a lawn. Inject some life into the area using plants and flowers. Foliage adds depth, dimension, and color to the space and attracts beautiful wildlife to your backyard.

Consider the color, texture, and size of the plants you want to use. Once you’ve got those down, add the bigger ones first, and then fill the gaps with smaller plants. If you get stuck deciding what plants to choose, consider year-round options first, particularly the ones with lower maintenance requirements.

  • Seating

A backyard oasis would not be complete without a trendy and expertly curated seating area. Start by zoning off the space where you want to spend most of your time, whether it’s for reading a book on your own or entertaining friends and family. Your number one priority here should be comfort, closely followed by style.

The seating area around your swimming pool must include cantilever pool umbrellas. These stunning beauties aren’t just there to look good; they also provide a welcome reprieve from the baking summer sun.

  • Swimming Pool

What is summer without a beautifully blue pool to cool things off on a sweltering day? Summer days are made for diving, cannonballing, and splashing around – but, before that can happen, you must spend a little time planning.

Assemble a team of experienced pool contractors to help design and construct your dream pool. One of the most crucial aspects of pool design is what it will be used for. Laps and exercise, increasing resale value, or entertaining the kids during the holidays? 

That answer will determine most of the decisions you need to make, and it will dictate what budget you will need to set aside.

  • Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the most overlooked features of an outdoor area. If you’ve recently purchased a property, you will know all too well how true that is. The thing about landscaping is that it can be quite an investment, but it is truly a worthy one.

With the right planning and shopping around, there should be little stopping you from designing your own landscaped oasis and making the most of your backyard.


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