When choosing the ideal wallpaper for your home or office walls, ensure you settle for designs you love. Since you’ll be staring at your wallpaper choices on a daily basis, it’s important to pick designs that make you feel good.

This can get confusing due to the many wallpaper designs available on the market. However, you can hire a professional interior designer and have them do all the shopping and installation, or you can go the DIY way. Since you may not get to touch and feel the wallpaper before purchasing, you must do proper research.

Online shopping is unlike brick-and-mortar stores where you feel and see the wallpapers. Therefore, you need a little more time and attention to get things right.

Here are six tips that will ensure you end up with wallpapers you love

Tips for Choosing the Best Wallpaper Patterns

1. Master the Space

First, you need to know the space well if you’re going to put the wallpaper properly. Remember that the size, lighting, and use of the room matter.

You’ll find that different spaces/rooms in your house work well with different styles and colors of wallpapers. So, before you buy any wallpaper, measure out the space, and check the lightning. Do you want the room bright or dark? You can do this yourself or get an interior designer.

2. Wallpaper Color and Texture

You must also choose the color and texture of the wallpapers you like. Different rooms will need to have types of colors that better suit them.

Bright colors are ideal for rooms that don’t have a lot of natural lighting; on the other hand, rooms with enough light can look great in light or dark colors.

Wallpapers also come in all sorts of textures, ranging from textured to smooth. The textured wallpapers are designed to look like leather, marble, or fabric. Most wallpapers manufacturers use vinyl, grass cloth, foil, fabric, and burlap to make these amazing wallpapers.

3. Material Durability

Next, look at the durability of wallpapers you find interesting. A more durable wallpaper will save you money and time. You don’t have to keep changing it often due to wear and tear. The texture of your favorite wallpaper will affect its durability.

Thinking about the intended use of the room is the first step in selecting a suitable wallpaper. Kitchens, dining rooms, and kids’ bedrooms, among other high-traffic areas, should have durable textured wallpaper. Adult bedrooms, on the other hand, may not require as strong of wallpapers.

4. Wallpaper Styles

Wallpapers come in different styles. They can help transform your home into an amazing work of art. They include country, modern, formal, Victorian, glam, and rustic.

Some of the best designs available on the market are from brands like Tropical Fish, Gilded Ballroom, Dark garden, and Birch Leafage. An online store like deccoprint.com has large wallpaper collections; you can find designs for animal prints, leaves, birds, jungle, and art déco.

5. Easy Application

Installing wallpapers may require the keen eye and experience of an interior designer. Moreover, installing some wallpapers can be challenging if you  apply the adhesive yourself.

However, some great online wallpaper manufacturers offer your great products with an easy application method. These wallpapers act like stickers and don’t require any expertise to install. They also come ready in shapes that will fit your home perfectly, making them easy to use even without the help of a professional interior designer

6. Price and Packaging

The cost and packaging of your wallpapers are other factors you should consider. There are many online wallpaper shops; take your time to research an affordable retailer with the best wallpapers.

Packaging is also essential, as it determines the shape of your product when it arrives. Check out the customer reviews section of these online stores to see which retailer delivers their wallpapers in good condition. 

7. Use “Full Pattern View”

Finally, make good use of the ”Full pattern View” option offered on the best wallpaper-selling websites online. Even after you’ve identified a wallpaper with a great style, lovely color, and the right texture, you still need to know how it will look on your walls before you decide to purchase.

This is where the “Full pattern view” option comes in; it helps you get an idea of what your walls will look like with the wallpaper. This option is great as it will help you narrow down your search quickly by eliminating all options that you don’t like.

Sometimes you’ll come across a wallpaper pattern you love, but the manufacturer’s website has no “full pattern view” option. In this case, ask for a wallpaper sample and use that instead.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Dealing with Wallpapers?

Most DIY-ers mess up when it comes to measuring the right amount of wallpaper they need. Consult a professional interior designer to get the most accurate measurements. This will save you an extra trip to the online store for another purchase.

Online stores like deccoprint.com offer wallpapers that are great for a DIY project as you just peel and stick them to the walls directly. If you really must use paste, though, make sure to stay away from the kind that doesn’t dry completely clear.


There are many wallpaper designs available online. Using the search tool and the “Full pattern view” option will help you narrow down your list quickly.

With little time and dedication, you will find the best wallpapers for your home. To make your DIY wallpaper application process easier, go for wallpapers that come in pre-cuts. You can unpack and stick them on the wall without measuring or cutting them.


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