A person has many dreams which he/she wants to fulfill, many aspirations in life. These aspirations vary from individual to individual.

Some people want to get famous globally, while some want to earn a considerable amount of money as their fortune. Nevertheless, it takes diligence & a great deal of effort to accomplish what a person wants truly.

People also purchase magnificent properties as their way of spending their luxuries. Victoria Gotti is also one such person. She is a reality TV personality & a famous writer as well. Victoria is recently quite famous regarding her old home in Westbury & the purchase of a grandiose house in New York.

This article highlights the life of Victoria Gotti & Victoria Gotti House located in Westbury.

Early Life & Background

Early Life & Background

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Victoria Gotti was born on 27 November 1962, in New York, United States. She is the daughter of the famous Gambino crime family’s John Gotti. John was the mafia boss of New York City. Victoria is an American writer, actress, & reality TV personality.

Victoria followed her passion & dream to be a writer regardless of what background she came from. She loves reading & writing hence took admission to St John’s University Queen’s campus to make a career in writing.

Victoria’s mother, Victoria DiGiorgio married John when she was 20 years old. Victoria Gotti has four siblings named as, Frank Gotti, Angel Gotti, Peter Gotti, Jr., and John A. Gotti. Victoria Gotti married Carmine Angello in 1984 & has three children with him, John Gotti Agnello, Frank Gotti Agnello, and Carmine Gotti Agnello.

In 2003, Victoria divorced her husband, and at that time they lived in their house in Westbury, New York. After the divorce, Victoria got her share of wealth in form of a house in Westbury, in 2009.

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Victoria Gotti’s Career & Profession

Victoria Gotti’s Career & Profession

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Victoria’s writing career started from her first job as a columnist for the New York Post. She was also a reporter at the Fox Television Network. Her immense interest in reading and writing led her to write many books & novels.

The first book which was written by Victoria was named “Women & Mitral Valve Prolapse” which is a book identifying MVP mostly in women. This book was written in 1995. Victoria wrote several novels in the mystery genre, which include, The Senator’s Daughter (1997), I’ll be watching you (1998), Superstar (2000), & Hot Italian dish (2006).

Victoria also spent a great deal of time writing a memoir of her crime family background & her life in it which was published in 2009. It was named “This Family of Mine: What It Was like Growing up as Gotti”.

In August 2004, Victoria starred in the TV show, “Growing up Gotti”, an American reality show which was aired on the A&E network till December 2005.

Victoria has made a few appearances in reality TV, her recent appearance was on the show “Celebrity Apprentice” as one of the 18 contestants featured.

Victoria Gotti New House

Victoria Gotti New House

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The Victoria Gotti House was bought for an astounding figure of $2.7 Million which values over $3.3 Million concerning today’s currency value. This mansion is the same old house in which Victoria used to live with her husband before the divorce.

The mansion is situated on Long Island which is estimated to be an hour’s drive from east of Manhattan. The luxurious house consists of a stunning hot tub in the backyard of the vast acreage.

Victoria Gotti House contains 5 magnificent bedrooms, & 5 luxury baths. The house spans over a total of 7,299 square feet & has a great open expansion outdoor.

The reality show “Growing up Gotti” is famously known as it was shot in Victoria Gotti House. The show starred Victoria & her three children.

It was based on their life living in the mansion with the family. The show did not last very long but went quite viral & accumulated a lot of fame. It lasted from August 2004 to December 2005.

The rumors have been significantly roaming around that the house is still abandoned. Victoria never lived there after the divorce & the house has started to decay & lose its old shape. It is listed frequently in the housing sector for varying amounts. Currently, it is listed at $2.5 Million.

Final Words

We can learn a great deal from Victoria Gotti. Regardless of her family background she chose the correct path & lived her life making a fortune for herself.

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