So, you’re getting ready to move out of state and packing up all your belongings. If you could use a few tips on saving money on the cost of moving across the country, then keep reading! Moving long distances can be expensive, but with some smart planning, it doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve compiled a list of eight ways to cut costs while making an interstate move.

From hunting down discounts to renting your own truck instead of hiring professional movers, plenty of options are available so that you don’t have to sacrifice quality service for a low price tag. Let’s jump right in and take a look at savvy strategies for keeping more cash in your wallet come moving time!

Research professional moving companies

Moving across the country on a budget can feel like a challenge. The best way to make it less stressful and more affordable is to research before committing to anything.

Compare rates and services by looking at reputable professional moving companies near your departure and destination cities. Get quotes from several companies and investigate any additional fees, such as packing supplies or insurance coverage that may not be advertised. Moreover, look for movers that offer the best packages.

Let’s say you’re moving to San Francisco, California, from Dallas, Texas. The distance between the two states is 1,750 miles (2,800 kilometers) if driving on the most direct route via I-40 West and I-5 North. It is important to find a company in your local area that offers discounted rates or packages for long-distance moves.

By comparing quotes from different movers, you can find the best long distance movers in Dallas that fit your budget while ensuring the safe transportation of your belongings across state lines.

Check with friends and family for any recommendations  

To ensure a successful transition and ensure your belongings get the white-glove treatment, it’s best to check in with friends and family for any recommendations they may have on reliable movers. They often have wise advice from their own experiences––besides, who better to trust than those closest to you? If they don’t have any leads, you can always search online reviews and discuss any quotes received with your personal network to get their opinion as well.

When it comes down to making the final decision, double-check the amount of insurance coverage provided by each moving service (or purchase additional insurance if necessary) to keep your head at ease while preparing for that next big chapter in life!

Ask about discounts when booking

Planning an interstate move can often cost an arm and a leg, but with the right strategies, it doesn’t have to.

When booking your move in advance, be sure to ask about discounts and special offers. Every moving company is different, so take the time to research your options and see which companies offer great rates or packages that fit within your budget. You might find that booking the move several weeks in advance may save you hundreds of dollars. It’s also smart to ask if they provide any unpacking services at a discounted rate.

Purge items that you don’t need

To save money on your interstate move, take the time to purge items that you no longer need before loading up a truck – anything that isn’t absolutely essential for the new place should stay behind.

If a piece of furniture or appliance doesn’t fit your budget and decor plans, don’t bother taking it. Removing extraneous belongings before the move can save space in the truck, allowing you to use fewer boxes and ultimately reducing your overall moving costs.

Start packing early

Cutting corners is the only way to ensure you don’t break the bank during your transition. One of the best tips for handling your interstate relocation money-smart is to start packing early.

Beginning your mini move ahead of time means you can be on the lookout for free boxes from local resources like grocery stores, liquor stores, and other similar businesses with plenty of extra cardboard containers just lying around. This can help save you a ton of cash because buying heavy moving boxes can add up quickly without warning.

Collecting these cardboard items should be no issue if you plan wisely and stay prepared months in advance for your big move.

Don’t forget to ask for help!

Moving to a new state can be daunting, especially when trying to do it on a tight budget. But don’t forget one of the simplest and most effective ways to save money – enlist the help of your friends and family! For example, hiring professional movers to load up your boxes can cost serious money, but with volunteers providing extra hands, you can get packing in no time.

Also, if you know someone with a pickup truck or van at their disposal, that could be your shortcut to saving large sums on renting one yourself. Utilizing the knowledge and equipment of those closest to you is an often overlooked but savvy way to keep your costs down when planning your interstate move.

Take all the necessary documents

Make your journey more manageable by taking care of all necessary documents ahead of time. Broken down into simpler tasks, which include switching over your driver’s license to the new state, updating your vehicle registration information, and any other correspondence you may need to keep track of.

Taking the extra step in planning ahead is especially important when you’re on a budget; if put off until the last minute, it could be a major headache with unexpected fees along the way.

Take advantage of U-Haul coupons or Budget Truck Rental discounts

Moving across the country comes with a lot of expenses and planning. To keep costs low, many online resources offer helpful discounts when planning an interstate move. U-Haul coupons and Budget Truck Rental discounts can both provide significant savings on a truck rental to get you cross-country safely and securely.

Taking advantage of these discount codes gives an added bonus to an already difficult move, winning you extra savings so that other aspects of the moving process don’t have to be sacrificed for budgetary concerns. With just a few clicks, you can help make your move smoother and less stressful.


Moving from one state to another can be a stressful and expensive endeavor, but there are ways to minimize the cost. By utilizing existing resources such as these, you can move without breaking your budget. With a bit of planning ahead and research, your interstate move doesn’t have to be financially cumbersome.


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