Why Ridge Caps are Used on a Roof? Read here to Find Out!

Why Ridge Caps are Used on a Roof? Read here to Find Out!

Ridge Caps are probably not the first item that springs to mind when considering roof repairs or new roof installation. Ridge caps on roof and vents, on the other hand, are an important part of any roof and should not be disregarded.

Ridge caps are such types of roofing material that are laid along a sloping roof’s ridgeline. A gabled roof is made up of two sloping sides that meet in the center of a house. The ridge, or ridgeline, is the point where these two sides meet and create the roof’s peak.

Ridge caps on roof fit over the connection between these two sides to keep rain and snow out of the house. It also contributes to the roof’s overall appearance by forming a securely sealed junction along the two sides.

We’ll look at why ridge caps are so vital, as well as how a ridge vent may help maintain your property, in the sections below.

Types Of Ridge Caps

Types Of Ridge Caps

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There are three types of Ridge Caps used on the roof:-

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Fabricated Roof Cap
  • Ridge Cap Vent

Asphalt Shingles:-

Almost every type of sloping roof is composed of ridge caps. Asphalt shingles are the most basic sort of unit, and they are trimmed to fit over the ridge.

The shingles are laid out in overlapping rows until they reach the ridge, then wrapped around the roof to meet the opposite side. The second layer of shingles is cut to fit over the top and give the roof a finished look.

Fabricated Roof Cap:-

When erecting roofing systems, certain contractors may utilize prefabricated roof caps. Asphalt shingles, aluminum, copper, and even plastic may be used to make these units. They’re usually chosen to blend in with the rest of the roof’s surface.

However, some may simply be covered with more roofing material. Many exposed ridge caps are painted, or they can be factory pre-finished in various colors and styles to complement common roofing materials.

Ridge Cap Vent:-

Such a is commonly used to assist ventilation of a property, which may result in increased energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

A hole must be carved along the whole length of the ridge to create airflow when installing a ridge cap vent. To hide the hole, a plastic or metal vent is nailed over the ridge and then covered with shingles or a separate ridge gap to provide the desired look.

Why Are Ridge Caps on Roof Critical?

Why Are Ridge Caps on Roof Critical?

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A peak or a valley can be found wherever two roof planes come together at an angle. Because so much water runs through the roof valleys, extensive roof flashing networks are required to keep your roof dry and leak-free. A specific covering called a ridge cap is required for the tops.

Consider what would happen to your roof if you didn’t have a cap for the ridge. Rain would enter into the attic through the peak joint and under the shingles from above, where it would run down the whole length of your roof deck as the wind blew off the shingles from the top down. The solution to this problem is ridge caps.

Ridge caps can deteriorate quicker than the rest of the roof. Over time, the sun and wind take their toll. Early ridge replacement or the installation of a higher-grade brand from the start can also assist.

Advantages of a Ridge Vent Roof

Increasing attic airflow helps reduce attic temperatures and improves house energy efficiency. Installing a ridge vent roof is one way to improve your home’s ventilation.

The  cap will cover the ridge vent. Most ridge vents are baffled, allowing hot air to leave while preventing water from entering the house. They have an inverted “V” form that sits just above the roof surface and fits over the ridge.

Moisture cannot enter the home through these vents because water cannot flow upward. This baffled construction also keeps dirt and leaves out while reducing the effects of wind gusts. A mesh screen may be used on some ridge cap vents to keep bugs and other pests out of the house.    


It’s common knowledge that your home won’t be totally shielded from violent winds and storms unless it has a sturdy and secure roof. Did you realize, though, that ridge caps on roof are an important component of any roofing installation?

This roofing piece not only protects your property from leaks, but it also gives your roof an architectural aesthetic aspect. This cap is a special shingle designed for the harsh wind that hits the ridge of a roof. It is not only thicker than a regular shingle, but is also pre-bent. So, you must get your roofs covered with roof caps as soon as possible!


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