While planning for a renovation, don’t forget to consider some things about that particular bathroom with no windows. Living in a spacious house or a slick apartment, people are bound to face once in their lives, a windowless bathroom.  

A bathroom with no windows often makes people feel claustrophobic and boxed in even if the bathroom is spacious. Natural light in a space such as a bathroom is very useful and preferred by many. But what can you do if the bathroom in your apartment has no windows or any source of natural light? 

Here, in this article, we are going to share with you some bathrooms without windows ideas and how to make the most of the space to brighten your bathroom space. 

White for Light Effect 

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Using white interiors is one of the best ways to make a space less claustrophobic. White colour usually gives the effect of larger space. If you are looking for an alternative for natural light in your bathroom then opting for a bathroom styled with white colour is the best decision. 

Usage of the white colour is not strictly recommended only for the walls, you can also add accessories and fixtures in this colour to give a spacious effect to the bathroom. A hint of white in tiles, rugs and bathroom fixtures can do wonders to brighten the space. 

  • Glass and other Reflective Surfaces 

Glass and other Reflective Surfaces 

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Another way to really brighten your bathroom with no windows is to add shiny, reflective surfaces. The use of colored glass sheets for showers and metallic fixtures is a great way to eradicate clinginess from your bathroom.

Lucite is also a way to reduce opaque and light-absorbing accessories out of your bathroom. Using these transparent Lucite accessories for your functional items on the counter is definite to give you a less cluttered and heavy feel. 

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 

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Try to use more mirrors in the bathroom with no windows to make the room appear less cluttered. Mirrors help to expand the space and give the feel of stretched space. 

The placing of the mirror is the key to using a mirror for our benefit. Placing the mirror near the ground specially make the space appear larger and vast. Huge mirrors on the vanity create an image of double space and are often used to brighten the bathroom with no windows

  • Lighting Fixtures 

Lighting Fixtures 

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The most basic thing you would think of when trying to brighten a bathroom space is lights. Lights are optimal for making any space brighter but it is also important to place the lighting fixtures at correct angles to maximize their outcome. 

Only using high wattage of lights cannot brighten a room any further than it already is doing. The placement of light fixtures is very important to increase the lighting effect in the bathroom.

It is advised to layer your lights in front of the mirror, as it will light the room as well as reflect the light off the mirror making it appear as the room has double as many lights.

  • Fake Windows or Wall Décor 

Fake Windows or Wall Décor 

Dedicating a wall in the bathroom to framed wall décor is a brilliant idea to create a look of spaciousness. But make sure to use pictures that lifts the clustered feeling instead of imposing it. 

Another idea is to design a fake window on the wall and add a bathroom shade in front of it. No one will ever know.

Mostly the shades in the bathrooms are drawn and a fake window with the shade drawn will never make anyone suspicious. The key is to put a lighting fixture behind the shades to create a blurred natural light effect. 

Frequently Asked Question 

  • How can I lighten a dark bathroom without a window? 

Some common ways to lighten a dark bathroom are: 

  1. Add small house plants at the corner of the bathroom.  
  2. Have plenty of candles, lamps and other light fixtures.  
  3. Incorporate unusual or unexpected furniture and fixtures dominating the use of metallic items. 
  4. Paint and design all of the bathroom walls and fixtures in one light colour.  
  5. Add extra mirrors and reflective surfaces wherever possible. 
  • What colour makes a small bathroom look bigger? 

If you are trying to make a small bathroom appear bigger and spacious, then the best colour to use for this purpose is white. White bathrooms allow the light to bounce and reflect and create a less cluttered look. 


Brightening up a space with light is very easy, but the real challenge comes when there is no source of natural light in the room. This article, with 5 great ideas to brighten a bathroom with no windows is here to help you come out of the problem with easy solutions. 

Did we miss an idea? Feel free to share yours with us in the comments. 


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