Addison Rae is a social media personality & who started her career at TikTok. She mainly makes short-form content on TikTok that is related to dancing videos and meme content. She is known as an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. In this article, we will be talking about her extravagant home in Los Angeles.

She has been very successful in her career and has managed to build her own house in Los Angeles which is worth 3 million dollars. Let’s read more about Addison Rae House in detail with a complete discussion about the amenities and features it contains.

What is the Addison Rae House Address?

Addison Rae had always dreamed of living in a large home by herself, so she decided to move to Los Angeles. As a result of her perseverance and commitment to her career, her dream was realized.

She seized the chance to purchase her opulent Los Angeles property once she gained popularity on TikTok and began to earn a respectable income. Los Angeles, California is the address of Addison Rae’s home.

For reasonable privacy considerations, we don’t know the precise address of her residence. We’ll go into more depth about her home’s features and facilities in later parts, which are what make it a glitzy celebrity home.

Addison Rae Home

After her quick success on TikTok, Addison decided to shift from Louisiana to a mansion in Los Angeles which she bought on her own. She also has associations with “Hype House”, a hope where 14 famous TikTok creators live. Addison stressed the fact that it is not about living together but is more about creating together. Making content together & sharing their ideas is the main reason for hype House & she never lived there. The Rachel Bilson House is also often associated with the Hype House. However, there isn’t any proof of this connection.

addison rae home

Addison purchased the house for a whopping amount of 3 million dollars. At first, Rae was leasing the home & was paying approximately $17,500 per monthly installment. The house is spread over a large area of 6,399 square feet across 0.58 acres of land. The mansion is located in a gated community which provides extra levels of essential security. The property includes a large pool, golf course, massage area, barbeque area, & a hot tub for relaxation.

addison rae house address

Addison Rae’s house features 6 magnificent bedrooms, & 7.5 luxurious baths. One of the most magnificent features of the mansion is its stunning set of double front doors which makes the house look like no less than a king’s fortress.

addison rae house address

The living room of Addison Rae’s house & the dining room are situated at the heart of the mansion.

addison rae home

The house gives a royal feeling & consists of numerous windows to let in natural light which bounces off the extricating white furniture. Additionally, the living room has a traditional fireplace which adds to its beauty.

addison rae home

The kitchen houses one of the finest stainless steel appliances & opens out into the large family living room which we addressed earlier. The master bedroom is quite spacious & includes a balcony with an amazing outside view & a fireplace too.

addison rae house address

The master bathroom houses a spa tub, double shower & a large walk-in closet for Addison to store her collection of apparel. The guest rooms also have their own attached baths.

More About Addison Rae 

addison rae house address

Addison Rae Easterling was born on October 6, 2000, in Lafayette, Louisiana, United States. Her parents are Sheri Easterling & Monty Lopez. Monty formerly was a General Manager, and entrepreneur & currently is an American TikTok star. Sheri also makes TikTok videos & is quite famous for her dancing videos of her lip-syncing on famous songs.

Addison is currently only 21 years old & the latter has managed to get her mansion in L.A. She started posting dancing videos in 2019 & has also released a music single.

FAQs Related to the Addison Rae House

Question #1: What motivated Addison Rae to move to Los Angeles and build her own house?

Addison Rae’s move to Los Angeles was fueled by her longstanding dream of owning a grand mansion. As her popularity soared on TikTok, she seized the opportunity to turn her dream into reality. The transition from Louisiana to Los Angeles marked a significant milestone in her career, reflecting her dedication and success in the social media and entertainment industry.

Question #2: Did Addison Rae live in the Hype House, and what is its significance?

While Addison Rae has associations with the Hype House, a collaborative space for 14 renowned TikTok creators, she clarified that she never resided there. The Hype House is more about creative collaboration than communal living, emphasizing content creation and idea-sharing among its members.

A Few Final Words

Addison Rae’s journey from TikTok sensation to accomplished artist has led to the realization of her dream home in Los Angeles. Valued at $3 million, her lavish mansion boasts 6,399 square feet of luxury, featuring 6 bedrooms and 7.5 baths. Located in a secure gated community, the property includes a pool, golf course, and various relaxation areas.

The Addison Rae house is truly a charm, with a spacious living room, a well-equipped kitchen, and a master bedroom complete with a balcony and spa tub. Despite her young age, Addison Rae’s hard work has manifested in the form of a glamorous celebrity abode. Thanks for reading till the end and feel free to leave a comment on this article to share your valuable views regarding it.


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