With superior proprietary equipment, Auckland Steam n Dry has been carpet cleaning in Auckland for over 35 years.

Moving into a new house is a big deal. In order to improve the appearance of your carpets, you might consider some carpet cleaning ecosan.co.nz  your home which has Several benefits that can be derived from carpet cleaning for your carpet, your home, and for you as well.

When the steam exceeds 70°C, proprietary big truck-mounted steam cleaners kill and remove viruses, bacteria, germs, dust mites, and pathogens. In addition to using 85°C hot steam, Auckland Steam n Dry’s truck-mounted cleaning units are FDA and scientifically approved for elimination of Coronaviruses.

It is true that almost all carpets are subject to wear and tear. Obviously, they get a lot of traffic, resulting in damaged and flat carpets. Moreover, spills can cause stains. Homeowners with children and pets should take extra precautions. Spots, spills, and dirt make your carpets appear damaged. Furthermore, traffic lanes matt your carpet, making it look bad.

The carpet cleaning and stain removal services offered by Ecosan can give your carpets a new lease on life

Your home or business will look better with clean carpets. The dirt and odours in carpets and rugs build up between cleanings, and even more unpleasant – dust mite allergens accumulate. Pets and babies are especially vulnerable to this kind of harm. Aside from all these important considerations, regular cleaning protects your investment and improves the appearance of your interior.

What are the benefits of cleaning your carpets?

Vacuuming your floors regularly keeps them looking good. What are the benefits of hiring a specialist?

Your carpet deserves professional cleaning for a variety of reasons. There is nothing better than seeing your loved ones happy and healthy. 

In your home, carpets act as big filters, absorbing and trapping dirt, spills, chemicals, and other substances. Is your child crawling or playing inside a lot? Their feet are much closer to the floor than yours! Ensure that their environment is clean, sanitary, and healthy for them to play and grow in. Your family’s respiratory health will also be improved by eliminating dust mite allergens from your carpet.

The appearance of your home is important if you are planning to sell it. You can brighten up a room significantly by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. A clean carpet also smells better. You’ll have your buyers lined up as soon as your home has that ‘new house smell’!

Your carpet will also last longer if you have it cleaned professionally. In comparison to frequent vacuuming, Ecosan’s carpet cleaning methods ensure maximum cleanliness. Our carpet cleaning service in Auckland will protect your investment.

Professional carpet cleaners clean your home

Our technicians will assess the carpet’s condition and age, its type and degree of soiling, and its manufacturer’s recommendations to determine what method is best to clean it. Our flexible service will adapt to your needs – we offer a variety of carpet cleaning methods. Looking for more information about our carpet cleaning services? We are waiting to hear from you! In case of questions, feel free to contact us.

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