Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of the many well-liked race car racers in the world and is often referred to as the “Pied Piper” of Daytona. Since the beginning of his career, Number 88 has been involved in auto racing. Nevertheless, he is set to add “TV Star” to his list of accomplishments, as the debut of his new reality program with his wife, Amy, took place in June.  

His enormous property, which spans 200 acres and includes a model of a town from the old west, hides a wealth of treasures, and he is, at heart, a country kid. Let’s take a more in-depth look at Dale Earnhardt Jr House, shall we? 

All Crucial Details About the Dale Earnhardt Jr House in North Carolina 

Dale Earnhardt Jr. makes his home in Cleveland, North Carolina, almost 40 miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina. Dale Earnhardt Jr House is enormous. In 2007, he made the purchase of the land, and the following year, he constructed his home there. The site spans over 200 acres and contains an exact copy of a Western town known as Whisky River, which is built to life-size proportions. It also boasts a church, a general store, a barber shop, a post office, the sheriff’s office (which includes a jail), and a post office. There are even some mannequins in there.  

In addition, there is a historic Union 76 gas station on the Dale Earnhardt Jr House, replete with a Unocal ball that was located at the summit of Talladega Superspeedway at one time. The convenience shop is where Dale Jr. keeps all of his go-karts, which he races on his very own dirt go-kart race track that he built himself. It is in close proximity to the nine-hole golf course that he owns. 

What Does Dale Earnhardt Jr House Look Like? 

What kind of racer’s house would be complete if it didn’t have over 40 stock cars parked all around the property? The fact that his sister and his mother also have residences on the grounds of his property demonstrates that it is genuinely a family affair. In 2014, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy purchased a run-down home that was more than 150 years old and located in Key, Florida. 

Their plan was to restore the property after purchasing it. The couple made the decision to record their remodeling process, and on June 2, 2018, the first episode of their series, titled Renovation Realities: Dale Jr. & Amy, was broadcast on DIY Network. 

Some Extraordinary Features Worth Noticing About the Dale Earnhardt Jr House in North Carolina 

The private property of Dale Earnhardt Jr., which is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the most impressive examples of luxury bespoke residences available today. In the backyard of the professional racer’s house is a personal racetrack that can be used for both training and recreational purposes. 

The enjoyment of the personal lounge could now be fully extended to the live pool, thanks to the cutting-edge Aluminum Broken Lift & Slide Door-Based System that was supplied by Panda. An aperture measuring 31 feet wide and 10 feet high is covered by eight panels. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr House: When Did He Begin Racing? 

It would be partially an understatement to suggest that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was always destined to be a NASCAR driver. He seems to have inherited his father’s love of racing. His grandpa, Robert Gee Sr., was a vehicle builder for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. And, of course, his father is Dale Earnhardt Sr., one of the most well-known race car racers in the history of NASCAR. 

Dale Jr. started his career in auto racing in 1991, at the age of 17, alongside his father, Dale Sr., in the Street Stock Division. Prior to this, Dale Jr. had attended a high-performance driving school. In 1998, he began competing in the Busch Series as a full-time driver for the team owned by his father. During his career, which has spanned 27 years, he has amassed a vast number of victories, including races and championships. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

When Did Dale Earnhardt Jr Decide To Tie the Knot? 

On December 31, 2016, Dale Earnhardt Jr. wed Amy Reimann in a wedding ceremony. 

How Did Dale Earnhardt Pass Away? 

Dale Earnhardt, the famed driver and father of Dale Earnhardt Jr., passed away on February 18, 2001, as a result of injuries he incurred in an incident that occurred during the race.  

At the time, he was competing in the Daytona 500, which took place at the Dayton International Speedway in Daytona, Florida. In addition, Dale Jr. competed in the race that day and finished in second position. 


Dale Earnhardt Jr. resides in Cleveland, NC, a town about 40 miles north of Charlotte. The size of Dale Earnhardt Jr House is staggering. His land purchase occurred in 2007, and he built his house the following year. 



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