One of the most sought-after amenities in a contemporary home is natural light. Installing a rooflight or skylight is one of the simplest methods to enhance the amount of natural light in a room. Although they have been existed since the Victorian period, they are becoming more and more popular as homeowners seek out aesthetically beautiful solutions to enhance the quantity of natural light in a space.

What distinguishes a rooflight from a Framed Flat Glass Rooflight is a frequently asked question by clients. People frequently inquire as to whether rooflights and skylights are equivalent and whether one is preferable to the other. There is just a difference in nomenclature between a rooflight and a skylight; there is no technological distinction.

Definition of rooflight

Both phrases may be used by various businesses and installers, or they may favour one over the other. The terms “rooflight” and “skylight” both refer to the same item. a glass item that is inserted in a roof (often flush) to increase the room below’s lighting and ventilation. Rooflights and skylights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and depending on your precise needs, they may be custom-made to fit the dimensions and specifications of your building or historic rooflights. Rooflights are available in both fixed and opening forms, with a variety of sizes and shapes.

What makes rooflights so common?

Homeowners like rooflights or skylights because they may bring natural light to any interior area. Along with enhancing the look and feel of your house, lighter and airier areas may increase the value of your property. What better way to feel at one with nature than with a clear view of the sun and clouds above? Natural light is important for enhancing your wellness and may also help us feel peaceful. Rooflights (also known as “sky lights”) are frequently a preferred option for additions since they can be customised to fit both flat and sloping roofs.

What varieties of rooflights exist?

Brands in the market provide rooflights that are appropriate for both contemporary and historic structures. The expert in-house team of talented designers offers your customised services with a general focus on providing value and increasing your experience.

There are many brands that provide a variety of alternatives, including flush conservation rooflights, pyramid rooflights, lantern rooflights, and plateau rooflights.

You must make sure to install Framed Flat Glass Rooflight that are approved by conservation officers and any public bodies for listed buildings that are recognised by English Heritage. Both tiny residential units and bigger commercial structures can include rooflights.

The style of the rooflight you install might need to adhere to specified guidelines depending on the building’s age and any current construction criteria.  The opening choices often include permanent shut, manual operation, conventional ironmongery, or motorised operation with weather control and rain sensors. The Conservation rooflight in particular has to be secured using either a permanent bracket, ironmongery, or motor-powered devices. Once interior finishing work is finished and the rooflight has been properly installed, ancillary items are added.

Are roof windows preferable than rooflights?

Rooflights provide a distinct function than roof windows, although they are not always superior to them. Rooflights could be a better choice, depending on the style you’re going for and the available area. If you’re not sure which to pick, you may consult with professional staff.

Letting in light

It seems reasonable that homeowners will choose a rooflight that maximises the quantity of light that a rooflight will deliver to their property since that is the primary reason for installation. Larger glass units may add considerable value to your property, although roof windows often serve more functional needs than aesthetic ones to enhance daily living in the home.

Adaptability and autonomy

You can select custom-made, made-to-order rooflights in addition to off-the-shelf rooflights if, for instance, the dimensions of your interior space are unusual or if you have specific fit or design requirements.


There are expert in-house design teams who will collaborate closely with you to realise your ideas and will use preliminary sketches and mock-ups created by you or an architect to create a custom rooflight. They can swiftly produce custom sizes and forms to a high level using the technical know-how and made-to-measure service, allowing them to finish any remodelling project to the highest of standards.

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