One of the most popular ways to give your kitchen a new look is to work on kitchen cabinets. You can either add some new cabinets or simply upgrade the existing ones. Either way, your kitchen will look different. If you’re looking for replacing your old cabinets, you can buy the new and RTA (Ready To Assemble) kitchen cabinets of your choice online from

Kitchen cabinets are the most used places in a kitchen. This is the reason why kitchen remodeling is automatically seen as cabinet modeling.

There are many reasons to install kitchen cabinets. Some are simply looking to add more space to their kitchen, while some want to add a new color asset to their kitchen to make it more appealing.

Whatever might you reason, installing kitchen cabinets feels you with joy? Especially when you are doing it yourself. If you are someone who is looking forward to remodeling their kitchen, this article might be helpful.

How To Measure For Cabinets?

Before you start installing kitchen cabinets, you first need to know the areas where you want the new cabinets. The first step is to measure kitchen cabinets and know the exact dimensions. 

Plan out where the new cabinets will go in the kitchen, and don’t forget to leave extra space for the appliances to fit in perfectly. 

There are several factors besides the measurements that you need to be aware of. This includes knowing where the plumbing pipes and electrical wirings are. 

While you are making your measurements, utilize the stud finder to locate the wall stud in your kitchen. Knowing the exact location of the wall stud is important. After all, they will play a crucial role in supporting your cabinets.

While measuring and visualizing where and how you want your kitchen cabinets to be, mark everything distinctively. This will help you know where the studs are and how you imagined your kitchen cabinets to be.

Installing Kitchen Cabinets: Step-By-Step Guide

Installing Kitchen Cabinets: Step-By-Step Guide

Installing a cabinet might not be an easy task, but you can do it effectively with the right practice. Here we enumerated the whole process in step by step format.

Follow the steps to install the kitchen cabinet efficiently.

Step 1: Inspect Cabinet

It is important that you inspect the kitchen cabinet before you start installing them. The last thing you would like to be surprised about is a damaged part and have to stop the installation process.

While the cabinets are ensured to reach you safely, inspecting them doubles the whole process. 

Step 2: Prepare Kitchen

Now that you have got your cabinets ready to install, you need to prepare your kitchen for installation. You can start with finding the right paint for your cabinets that almost every member of the family can reach.

Now that you have the highest point for the top cabinets, mark the highest point for your base cabinets, and locate the studs on the wall. Once you have all the important marketing sorted out, you are ready for installation.

Step 3: Fix The Upper Cabinet First

To start with your kitchen cabinet installation, you must start with your hanging cabinets. They are the most difficult to deal with.

While there is no golden rule to install the hanging cabinets first, you will be thankful that you don’t have to lean over the already placed cabinet to fit the top cabinets.

Step 4: Now Place The Base Cabinet

Once your wall cabinets are installed, you can move onto the base cabinets. Again, we would ask you to start with the corner to make the installation process easier.

Now that all your cabinets are in place, tighten the rear screen and ensure that all the cabinets are aligned and leveled together.

Step 5: Fill The Gaps

You have completed all the installation. Now, the last thing left for you to do is fill the gaps. You can use space filler strips to fill the gaps between the two cabinets. Then, reclamp the strips and screw them with the walls.

Now Install Kitchen Cabinets With Ease!

Now Install Kitchen Cabinets With Ease!

Installing a kitchen cabinet is not rocket science if you know the right tips and tricks. No matter what kind of cabinets you want to install in your kitchen to give a new look, you can easily pull that Kitchen DIY Project off with little knowledge and practice.

While every individual has their approach towards remodeling their kitchen, the steps we have listed above are more of a common outlined approach that can help you install kitchen cabinets.

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