Blinds for windows are of varying kinds. If you want a high-end appeal in your blinds but at a cheaper cost, then opt for faux wood blinds.

These varieties mimic the look and style of actual wooden blinds for windows. They look classy and plush because of how they look. These blinds can easily blend with any form of an interior that you have in your home. 

The cost of faux wood blinds is meager. On average, the price can go below $30. How cheap is that! 

Besides, a faux wood blind looks so much like a wooden blind. Buyers can get a natural wood-grain appearance on their faux wood blind.

If you browse through online stores, you will notice blinds having realistic woody stains and textures. So, you mostly are likely to be confused between the two and might have some questions. 

If you want to find answers to the most common questions about the faux wood blind, here is the information.

  • Will buying a faux wood blind be worth it?

Wooden blinds have been one of the most classic window blinds for ages. Window blind buyers looking for a budget-oriented option with the appeal of wooden blinds should prefer these. A faux wood blind resembles a wooden blind in almost every way. 

Faux wood window blinds are worth buying, considering their affordable price. They are more durable and moisture-resistant than wooden blinds. So, unlike a wooden blind, a faux wood blind will not lose its structure or color even in extreme temperature changes.

  • Can faux wood window blinds last long?

Can faux wood window blinds last long?

With proper maintenance, ready-made faux wood window blinds can easily last for 5-6 years. And if you buy your window blinds after taking accurate measurements, expect them to survive 2-3 more years.

Nevertheless, you must ensure that you buy from a trusted online site. A reliable site or brand is most likely to provide high-quality PVC material. So, longevity will not be an issue that might haunt you later. 

  • Are faux wood blinds good insulators?

High-quality faux wood window blinds are known for their capabilities of working as an insulator. They work as home insulators in the winter and summer months. These blinds can contribute to keeping your house cooler in the summer season by keeping the heat out. While in the winter months, they prevent heat from flowing out through the windows. 

  • How good are faux wood window blinds in blocking the sunlight?

Faux wood window blinds are a type of Venetian blind. Unlike roller, vertical or roman blinds, these blinds will not completely darken your room. Instead, they will make the room look pleasant by blocking more than 90% of the sunlight.

It depends on the slat width of your blind as well. So, if you have a blind with a 50mm slat width, it will block more sunlight than a 25mm one.


Faux wood window blinds are made of PVC or synthetic materials. It makes them easy to maintain. You can use a household cleaner along with a cloth. Besides, you can also use water for cleaning the blinds. These factors add up to why you should prefer buying faux wood blinds. 

The blinds can also be customized with valence coverings and their cordless variants. Usually, you are likely to get these from your online seller along with the blinds.

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