Every room in your home needs a focal point, especially the living room. Coffee tables, chairs, bookshelves, tables, and entertainment units are the pieces that make a living room lively and cozy. The suitable fabric, texture, and furniture combination make any room stand out! 

If you think it is time for you to spruce up your living room and turn your décor game up a notch, today is your lucky day. This essential checklist for your home is the hack to getting the best furniture.

Choosing Your Living Room Furniture

To maximize your space and design, ensure the furniture is worth every penny – it should be durable and stylish. So, what living room furniture do you need for a chic transformation?

Coffee Tables 

People love enjoying a beverage while watching TV and chatting in the lounge. Hence, having a coffee table like a rattan bistro set is essential. Yet, picking one is not as easy as it seems. To start, you must consider the shape and the size (length, width, height). Does it match the proportion of your living room and other furniture? For example, a good coffee table needs to suit your needs. An extremely high/low coffee table is awkward and inefficient.!

To stay comfortable in your space, choose a piece as high as your sofa cushions; give or take an inch or two. In terms of length, pick a coffee table nearly two-thirds of your sofa’s length. Once you’ve figured out the right size, opt for a design that balances the proportions in the room. The weightiness of furniture dictates how grounded the living room looks.

TV Stands/ Entertainment Units

There are many entertainment units, which is expected if you can’t settle for one. And who can blame you? It is hard to choose between wall units, corner stands, open stands, and enclosed stands – so here are a few tips. Wall units are trendy and provide a lot of storage space. Those with open shelves are suitable for displaying décor, while those with closed frames are perfect for extra storage. This type is for the minimalist homeowner. 

Enclosed entertainment units keep the TV out of sight when not in use. They have a sturdy appearance that gives the living room a solid texture. In addition, these TV stands make a grander focal point. Open units and corner stands fit if you work with a small living room space. They have little to no storage and can fit different sizes of TVs. Depending on your budget and needs, you can purchase a furnished or unfurnished TV stand. A furnished unit is ready to set up and aesthetically striking. On the other hand, an unfurnished unit costs less, but you might have to finish it, which may take a while. 

Console Tables 

Console tables from AusPoints have taken interior décor to another level. They are typically shallow and long, and the best position to place them is behind the couch or against the wall.  If you want to place your console table behind your sofa, make sure that the table and the sofa are of approximately similar length. As for the height, choose a console table that is a few inches shorter – but not below two-thirds of the couch. 

Next, you must check the material and color of the table. There are many types of console tables other than wooden and black ones! Some have storage units; some are kid-friendly, others are long-legged – it all comes down to your needs. Provided you match your living room theme, the proportions will blend. 


Your living room needs at least one bookshelf to display photos, decorations, or books. First, check how much space you have left in the room.  If you have a lot of space, buy a few feet long bookcases. Or, you can buy two small bookshelves and place them in different areas. If you have limited space, you can ‘go up, which means a tall bookshelf with extra vertical space. 

Bookcases are ideal for kids in the house because they keep your books and framed photos safe. However, if you want a unit kids can access, short bookshelves are better. There are many bookshelves on the market, so ensure you only buy from a trusted store. There you go! Now, you can remodel your living room with quality furniture. Are you looking for a good furniture deal? Contact AusPoints today for delivery! 


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