Teddy Gentry is undoubtedly a well-recognized country musician belonging to the United States. He is also the bass player and vocalist for the band Alabama. In the past fifty years, Alabama has demonstrated itself as one of the most prosperous groups performing country music. Additionally, Teddy Gentry, along with two of his cousins, is responsible for the formation of this country music family band. They first began working together in the year 1969.  

On this particular occasion, they also triumphed in a regional talent competition. During the height of their career, they were honored with the prestigious Entertainer of the Year Award from the Country Music Association on three occasions in a row. Wouldn’t it be best to continue reading to learn more about the Teddy Gentry house that deserves nothing but utmost appreciation here? 

Teddy Gentry Home: Who Exactly Is Teddy Gentry? 


Teddy Gentry is a well-known singer, bassist, as well as songwriter from the United States of America. The most notable aspect of his career is his participation as a vocalist and bass player with Alabama, a country music band that has achieved phenomenal success over the years. It was announced in 2019 that the band would be admitted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, as it is widely regarded as one of the best country music bands of all time. 

Now that we comprehend the personal life of Teddy Gentry, it is indeed time that we also tell you about the Teddy Gentry house. In accordance with a significant number of credible sources on the internet, Teddy Gentry presently lives in Fort Payne, Alabama. Although the exact number of bedrooms present in Teddy Gentry house is not yet known, the house accommodates four bathrooms which depicts the idea that it might have 4-5 bedrooms as well.  

Teddy Gentry House: What Does It Look Like?

teddy gentry home Source: Urbansplatter.com

The town of Fort Payne in Alabama is home to the Teddy Gentry residence. Alabama, the state where Teddy Gentry house is located, is present in the southeastern region of the United States of America. It is famous for the warmth and friendliness of its southern hospitality due to the rich history and culture it possesses in relation to the civil rights movement.  

Aside from that, it is home to some breathtaking natural treasures and beaches with pure white sand. It is indeed a destination that caters to vacationers looking for exciting activities as well as those who simply want to relax on the beach. Don’t you think the same? 

The Teddy Gentry house was constructed as a single-family dwelling in the year 1994. We are unable to give an accurate count of the number of bedrooms in the house. However, the living space is quite spacious as it covers 3,900 square feet while the building sits on 1.19 acres of land. As the land area is very large, Teddy Gentry possesses the luxury to incorporate additional features into the property as he wishes. In addition to these commodities, the residence owned by Teddy Gentry also features a warm fireplace that serves as the perfect remedy for the winter months.  


How Much Is the Teddy Gentry Home Worth? 

As far as the size and living area of the Teddy Gentry house is involved, it covers an area of about 3900 square feet. With respect to the size and location of the Teddy Gentry house, its price can be estimated to be somewhere around $6000 at the present moment.   

Where Is the Teddy Gentry House Located? 

Fort Payne, Alabama, is where Teddy Gentry lives at the present moment. The residence was constructed as a single-family dwelling in 1994. It is on 1.19 acres of land and features 3,900 square feet of living space. 


The Teddy Gentry house, constructed in 1994, is indeed a one-of-a-kind residence. Without any doubt, the house covers a reasonable living area and is situated in one of the most prime locations in the state of Alabama! Isn’t it fascinating? 


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