Who doesn’t love to fantasize about a handsome, lovable vampire with sparkly skin and honey-colored eyes that can melt your heart? Sounds like a new favorite, right? But let me tell you that you have already met him as the heart-throb named Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga. 

The Twilight Saga always has a huge fan base and people in love with this series is still increasing in number. Beautifully written novels by Stephanie Meyer are part of the series with 4 installments which was adapted in live feature film. 

The Twilight Saga novels as well as the movie franchise received a lot of fame and recognition around the world and has a huge fan following. Unlike the novels which were based in the town of Forks, Washington, the movies were filmed in Portland, Oregon and later in Vancouver. 

Apart from most scenic backgrounds and locations the noticeable part of Twilight movies were the carefully selected Twilight House. Along the length of the series, fans are able to see different locations and houses in which the main characters, Edward, Bella and Cullen family reside. 

Twilight fans are mostly in awe about the perfect location and selection of Twilight houses, which has encouraged us to shed some light on different houses used across the Twilight movies franchise. 

Where is the Twilight House? 

The Cullen’s house that we see in the series is quite beautiful and can accommodate a whole clan as we have seen it do in the later parts of the series. The Twilight house is originally located in Portland, Oregon and consists of 4 bedrooms and3 bathrooms. The house is surrounded by adequate greenery to support natural life in the habitat while providing a beautiful view to the house. 

The Twilight house was initially built by architect Jeff Kovel in 2001 which took about 14 months to complete the project. The initial buyers of the property backed out of the deal after the completion of the project due to the events of 9/11. 

However, wasting any time, the architect himself moved into the house and sold it after 6 month of residing for $ 2.35 millions. The new owner hired the original architect of the house to do some amends and reconstruction according to their own liking which finally resulted in the current design and display of the house. 

In 2007, the house was again listed in the market and was sold for $ 2.5 millions. Shortly after the purchase, new house owners were approached by the Twilight team to rent the place for filming. The deal was done and the filming started shortly after the release of the third book of the series. 

Address and Location of Twilight House

The Twilight house has an open floor plan and the property is accessible by only a narrow road. The house is covered mostly in glass which gives it a sleek and mysterious look that quite expertly sets the mood for a vampire family to accommodate.

Many fans are interested to know the exact location and address of the property used in the series. The Twilight House is located at 3333 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97210. However, we would like to give a small reminder to the Twilight fans that the property is a private residence. 

Twilight Bella’s House 

Another house that we see quite a lot in the first 2 parts of the series is the Twilight Bella’s house. In the story, this house belongs to Charlie Swan who is the father of the female protagonist. Bella initially comes to stay with her father in this house and there are many scenes filmed inside this house. 

Twilight Bella’s house is located in a simple and quiet neighborhood in St Helens, Oregon. This 2-story house was built in 1925 and was remodeled and renovated in 1970. The house has 5 bedrooms which are spacious and can accommodate a large family. 

The current residents and owner of the house have not changed much of the furniture used in the Twilight series and even use the same dining table we see in the movies.  

However, the best part about Twilight Bella’s house is that the room we see as Bella’s room in the movie, is used as an Airbnb space and you can rent the space for a night for $ 379. If you are a Twilight fan then renting the room can be a real treat for you as you will also get to see some life size cardboard cutouts of Twilight movies characters in different parts of the house. 

Twilight Honeymoon Villa BnB 

The Honeymoon villa that we see in part 1 of Breaking Dawn is also an Airbnb and can be rented. However, to rent the space you have to cave in your pockets a lot deeper as the rents per night starts from $ 3,512.  

The beautiful beach house is located in Paraty, Brazil which is situated between Rio de Janeiro and San Paulo. The beach house is exclusively built with 6 lush bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. However, if you are planning to have a relaxing vacation at the beach house, keep in mind that the place is accessible only through helicopter and boat.  

Location of Twilight Houses In Movies 

The Twilight Saga takes place in the cloudy and moody atmosphere of Forks, Washington. However, the movies are not filmed at the location in fact the first 2 parts of the series are filmed in Portland, Oregon and the later parts were filmed in Vancouver. 

A complete replica of Twilight Bella’s house was also built in Vancouver for filming and it was used in the later movies of the series. 


The Twilight house that we see across the whole filming of the series are located at quite different places. However, the location set for the story is in Forks, but the movies are not filmed in the same location. In fact, the most used locations for filming were Portland, Oregon and Vancouver.  


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