When preparing to sell a home, people sometimes focus exclusively on the interior. Considering the exterior is the first thing everyone sees in person, this is a huge oversight. The following can help boost interest in your home before potential buyers even glimpse inside.


You don’t have to do a complete renovation of your exterior, but you should patch up the most obvious problems. If your driveway looks like an obstacle course of cracks and potholes, asphalt repair is a worthy investment. If your lawn has bare patches, you should reseed it.


Even if you’re not living in your home, you will want to keep up with maintenance. This means putting in the effort to water and weed decorative flower beds or replacing them with landscaping material if you can’t dedicate the effort. You should also be raking leaves and mowing just as you normally would to prevent your home from looking derelict.


You’re going to want to pull up the political signs and put the unique decorations into storage, especially if they’re transgressive or an acquired taste. It’s the same idea as taking down family photos or political trinkets in your living room. You want potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home, and personal touches can interfere with that. Even if your yard decorations are neutral or universally liked, you may want to look at the next step.


Ok, so everyone agrees, your statues add ambiance, and you’ve put a lot of effort into your gardening. However, most people aren’t looking to own a museum or botanical garden. What you decide to keep in your backyard should accent your property, not overwhelm it, and your prized features should be relocated to your new property as soon as possible.

Superficial details can get in the way of potential buyers seeing your home’s true value. By taking care of them, you are ensuring your home is seen in the best possible light.


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