Nowadays, cleaning windows has become one of the major problems for the new generation, especially for homemakers and other ladies. Are you one of those looking for an easy and convenient way to clean your dirty windows?

As some wise people say, some old ways are the best. One of such ways is to use vinegar and newspaper for window cleaning. It was one of the best ways to clean if we went back a few years ago, but now the new generation doesn’t seem to know much about it.

Due to the gradual rising in air pollution day by day, not to forget rainstorms and windstorms, windows get dirty easily. Now the question is how to clean windows with vinegar and newspaper? Allow us to answer this question for you.

How to Clean Windows with Vinegar?

How to Clean Windows with Vinegar?

Distilled vinegar, also known as white vinegar, is a staple cleaning product in many households. The most visible benefit of using it is that it is completely natural.

Vinegar is acidic; it cuts through film build-up on glass and leaves the window strip free. Moreover, Its acidic nature helps you to clean any pesky grease and oily surface on the glass. Let us tell you some methods for its usage.

Importance of Newspaper in Cleaning 

Newspaper is important because it is made of very dense fibers, and has nothing which leaves a streak on the glass. Newspapers do not allow water to hide.

Its densely packed fibers from which it is formed clean the windows just like it is new, and the combination of newspaper and vinegar is legendary, so we will now tell you how to clean your windows through this extraordinary combination.

How to Clean Windows with Vinegar and Newspaper? Read Useful Methods Here

How to Clean Windows with Vinegar and Newspaper? Useful Methods Here

We will try our best to give you the best window cleaning tips.

By Strong Vinegar Solution

If you find your windows to be dirty, greasy, or oily, then you should use strong vinegar solution for a quick cleaning process.

Such a solution is formed by mixing vinegar and dishwashing detergent in some water. So, if you plan to clean your dirty windows after ages, you can get things started by picking up a newspaper and getting to work!

By Basic Vinegar

Suppose you clean your windows quite regularly with vinegar. In that case, you should use basic vinegar, which is vinegar mixed with little water and.

Then grab a newspaper and scrunch up a few sheets of newspaper into a ball shape. After that, spray the solution on the window. Start wiping it politely with the newspaper and your window will become just like new.

By hot Vinegar

Suppose your windows have dirty stains that are not removed or cleaned easily by the normal method. In that case, you should take only vinegar, then warm it a little bit and after that spray it on the window and leave it for a while after that clean it with the help of newspaper and then you will for sure get a clean window.

Simply Combining Method

The first step is to take a spray, a bottle, and fill it up with any available mixture. Then, you have to spray that solution on the window and pick up a few sheets of newspaper and to wipe it slowly and politely.

After that, you will find your mirror foggy, and you will definitely get confused why it is not cleaned. Still, you have to wait for the magic. After a while, your mirror will be crystal clean, just like new.

Just an added note, this method is tremendously effective for cleaning your car’s windscreen. When you’re driving into the sun and have a dirty windscreen, the sun can really make you feel uncomfortable as it shines on the stains and streaks. This technique is perfect for getting clear of those difficulties.

Useful Tips

  • If you find your windows to be grimy, you might need to wash them with soap before you apply the vinegar solution.
  • Clean your car’s windscreens easily with this method. Colorant with vinegar solution and then with water can be used.
  • If you really dislike the smell of vinegar, you can add the crucial oil of your choice to the vinegar mixture. This will decrease the smell’s intensity.



There is noone who doesn’t like cleanness around him, and yes, it is also great for your healthy life. We love to see our houses clean, and windows play a major role. Window cleaning of your houses and offices will give your building a good appearance and will surely leave a positive impression on the people around it.

You should make sure that you clean your windows daily with the help of this old but valuable method. Using vinegar and newspaper to clean your windows can help you make them look brand new.

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