Safety should be one of the most important things that your home can offer. It should be a place where you will feel that you are protected and secure. That is why you should look for a home like Eagle Nest Condominium Mandaue Cebu which puts the highest attention in ensuring building safety so that residents will truly feel at home. One of the ways that this is achieved is by ensuring that inspections are done regularly.

As they always say, prevention is better than cure. That is why a thorough inspection of your condo or apartment building is key to ensuring that you will not be taken by surprise by any imminent issue in your building, whether that be big or small. There really is no better way to ensure property safety than doing inspection regularly, and following through by addressing the issues right away, and trying to prevent them from reoccurring, if possible.

How to find out if your condo or apartment building has been inspected recently

Finding out whether your building has been subject to inspections really is actually quite easy. You just have to check with the property manager, and this is information that they should readily be able to share with residents as this concerns them as well. The only likely reason why they wouldn’t accommodate such an inquiry is if inspections haven’t been done.

Inspection certificates from regulatory departments and agencies would also likely be displayed as these can help residents feel reassured that the property manager is doing their part in keeping their homes safe.

What kind of inspections are done on a condo or an apartment building?

Generally speaking, when you talk about inspections, it’s something done by external stakeholders, especially government agencies that would like to ensure the safety of the public. This includes inspections from the city engineering and fire safety departments. There are also inspections being done by suppliers of facilities and machineries such as elevators to ensure that the customers (the building for the case of elevator companies) will continue to be safe when using their products.

But of course, there are inspections that property managers conduct themselves as part of maintaining the condo or apartment building. 

Among the most important inspections is in the building structure. Your property manager should be able to ensure that the building itself is free from damage, and even the smallest issues are addressed immediately before they can pose any harm. 

Some of the other important parts of your building that need to be inspected include the electrical system, the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, and waterproofing

How often should inspections be done?

A general inspection of the building should be done at least once a year, but there are areas and building features that need to be inspected more frequently. Your property manager should have an inspection protocol that includes how often certain areas need to be inspected in a year. 

How about my unit?

Aside from the building and the common areas, maintenance work should also be done on the individual units of your condo or apartment building. For condos, the maintenance of your unit is typically your responsibility, but your property manager would still need to do some inspection for things that concern other unit owners such as issues with pipes and cables.

For apartments, your landlord has the responsibility in ensuring that your place remains in good condition during your stay. This excludes, of course, any damages that you may have caused beyond normal wear and tear. Report issues immediately so that your landlord can work on them right away.

Live safe in a safe condo or apartment

Living in a condo or apartment building that undergoes routine inspection gives you reassurance that you are safe. This makes all the difference as you wouldn’t need to worry about your safety, and that your living experience will continue to be great. So be critical about inspections, and have a chat with your property manager if needed.


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