If you are looking for the best Construction Companies South Florida, you have come to the right place. Marker Construction is one such company that is known for its comprehensive workflow and focus on delivering a better final product. They adhere to the motto “Build Better” and are constantly adapting to new trends and technology. Their work has won awards and has been featured in various publications. They are known for constructing grand commercial projects, and their portfolio includes the International Yacht Collection, located in Fort Lauderdale.

Another construction company in South Florida is Edge Construction. It provides a wide range of construction services, including commercial, institutional, and healthcare construction. The company’s experienced team specializes in working in these industries, and their team members take the time to understand their clients’ goals. As a result, it has been named as one of the world’s fastest-growing gator businesses.

Other companies in the South Florida region include Florida Coastal Construction, which is led by Matthew Harris. They have a team of architects, craftsmen, and contractors who are experienced in a variety of construction projects. GSD Contracting, led by Greg DeJohn, has 34 years of experience in the construction industry. It works with both local and national clients. Gulf Building, meanwhile, is led by John Scherer. They have been in the commercial construction business since 1991, and they also have two residential construction divisions. Herman Construction Services is another company that has been in operation since 1977.

The Sudduth Brothers are a family business with a long history in the construction industry. They are responsible for creating the company’s excellent reputation, and they are actively involved in a number of industry associations and business boards. Their efforts have won them awards, including the Construction Association of South Florida’s “Craftsmanship” award. The Sudduths have also earned the Inductee of the University of Florida’s Construction Hall of Fame.

H Design Group is another company in South Florida. It provides top-of-the-line services and focuses on developing high-quality architectural interiors. Their design-build firm is dedicated to using the latest technologies and works with the best interior designers and construction trades in South Florida. They have completed projects within budget and on time. This allows them to maximize customer satisfaction and maximize project efficiency. You can find their services in many different industries, and they have a team of interior designers who will work closely with you.

Hernandez Construction is a South Florida construction company led by Alex Hernandez. It specializes in commercial and industrial construction, including office and retail space. The firm also specializes in the education market. Miller Construction, led by Thomas Miller, is another leading company that provides construction services. This construction company is an industry leader with extensive experience in the residential, health care, and institutional sectors. Another notable South Florida construction firm is Moss & Associates. This company focuses on design-build projects and public-private partnerships.

Gilbane Construction is another construction company that provides large-scale construction projects in South Florida. Their services include civil site preparation, heavy earth-moving, clearing, grading, and underground utilities. The company is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, and also offers landscape and building services. If you are planning a construction project in South Florida, you should consider hiring these companies.

Kaufman Lynn Construction is another award-winning construction company in South Florida. Its office and corporate headquarters are built with steel, concrete, and glass, and feature a custom-designed metal screen to reduce energy consumption. The interior of the building is modern and reflects the company’s progressive style. Its team is made up of people who work hard to create a great place for their employees and visitors.


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