Since 2007, NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice has been actively marketing his mansion in Atherton, which was first listed for a price of $22 million. The price of this property, which is designed in the form of a French chateau, was recently reduced to $10.5 million. It’s unfortunate, but we don’t even think he earned the $10.5 million since reports indicate that he accepted an offer of $9 million instead.  

The Jerry Rice House spans 15,000 square feet and has a pool, terrace, spa, guest quarters, six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, a state-of-the-art movie theatre, wine cellar, game room, and many other amenities.  

According to, the house also has a fully equipped gym that has more than $500,000 worth of weights and other training equipment. This feature is one of the most significant selling factors of the property. Since Jerry cherished this house until the day he passed away, we can only imagine how difficult it was for him to leave it. Here are various other critical details concerning the Jerry Rice House

Getting Started with the Crucial Details of Jerry Rice House 

According to, Jerry Rice was finally able to sell his property in the Bay Area this week for the asking price of $9 million. The house is amazing in every way. It includes a gift-wrapping area in addition to its six bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, a movie theatre, and a pool house. 

Jerry Rice House


In addition to this, it is also a custom-built “smart home,” which gives the buyer the ability to control the security system and numerous appliances from any location on the planet. Rice put the property up for sale in 2007 with an asking price of $22 million, but it wasn’t until this week that it was finally sold. 

Where Does Jerry Rice Live?: What Do We Comprehend About it? 

Where Does Jerry Rice Live?

Jerry Rice, a legendary player for the San Francisco 49ers, has re-listed his Hall of Fame home in Atherton, California. Since the middle of 2009, the prolific wide receiver, who is regarded by many as the best NFL player in the history of the league, has had the 13,908-square-foot mansion on and off the market, and he is currently asking for $10.5 million for the opulent property. 

Built in 2001 by Lencioni Construction, the three-story home in the form of a French castle contains a total of six bedroom suites, seven full bathrooms, three half bathrooms, and a plethora of modern conveniences that are suitable for a player who has been named an All-Pro year after year.  

Furthermore, the personal training facility at Rice University is the feature that stands out the most among the university’s many amenities, which include anything from a state-of-the-art movie theatre to a game room to a complete bar and wine room. 

All You Need to Know About Jerry Rice House 

Jerry Rice House

The wideout’s epic conditioning programme was a training regiment that included daily runs up the Bay Area trail gauntlet simply known as ‘The Hill.’ Those who followed the more personal parts of Rice’s career are well aware of wideout’s training programme and are familiar with it. Thus, it should not arrive as a shock to find that the legendary Niners player’s home gym is completely outfitted with weight lifting and exercise equipment valued at almost half a million dollars, in addition to a steam room, a sauna, and a cold-water plunge pool. 

In an interview that took place in 2001 with Haute Living, Jerry stated, “That has been an essential aspect of the house for me. If I stay up too late and find that I can’t fall asleep, I can always go downstairs, get a workout in, and then either unwind in the sauna or get a fresh start in the cold plunge. I also like it since it protects my privacy. My favourite part about working out at home is that I don’t have to worry about the awkwardness of making small talk with strangers at the gym.” 

A dog kennel, a covered veranda with a stone fireplace, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and additional guest quarters with a kitchenette and complete bathroom are all located in the expansive backyard of Rice’s magnificent 1.2-acre home. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Where Does Jerry Rice Live? 

Rice is a family man with four little ones. He is married and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

How Exactly Did Jerry Rice Get to Be So Wealthy? 

As a professional football player, Jerry Rice amassed career earnings of more than $42 million. 


Despite being marketed for $22 million in 2007, Jerry Rice House was eventually sold this week for $9 million. The 1.2-acre home in Atherton, California, includes all the requirements as well as some extras that aren’t really necessary. It contains a sauna, a theatre, a dog kennel, and six bedrooms.


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