Tired of the same old look & feeling your kitchen provides? Or your kitchen seems just too bland nowadays & you want to change its look?

We understand how important it is to keep a good-looking kitchen. As the study says that the better the kitchen looks, the more motivated the cook is, hence better food is prepared. Additionally, when guests visit, it feels good to amaze them with an amazing-looking kitchen.

That’s why Home Creatives have brought 7 kitchen decor ideas on a budget that will make your kitchen look different & better.

1. Upgrading the Countertops

Upgrading the Countertops

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As time passes the old-looking countertops seem to wear out & are exposed to scratches & stuff. Secondly, it just gets boring to look at the same thing every day.

An amazing cost-effective solution for this is to implement the laminate or butcher block alternative. Laminate will provide your countertops with the look of marble & soapstone & it is easy to clean as well. To protect your new surface, it would be advised to cover it with a tablecloth which is great if there are any spillages. You can get these in a variety of colors such as red, green, and blue, alongside many quirky designs such as this dotty oilcloth.

It costs as little as $15 per linear foot. However, it may be damaged by sharp objects such as knives & also may leave permanent marks of hot pans.

Butcher block on the other hand removes the need for an additional cutting board & can be installed for less than $250 in your kitchen.

2. Organizing Done In an Amazing Way

Organizing Done In an Amazing Way

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How often does it happen that you are out of space to keep your kitchen cutlery & add-ons? There just isn’t enough space to store everything.

A budget-friendly & worth-looking solution to this is to get some self-adhesive kitchen racks & organizers. These can be installed on any hard surface providing you the extra space you always wanted.

There is also a wide range of self-adhesive hooks available in the market which allows you to hang your pots & pans easily without the hassle of drilling holes & worrying about the walls.

3. Smooth & Streamlined

Smooth & Streamlined

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One of the most amazing small kitchen decor ideas on a budget is making your cabinets, drawers, & pullouts smooth & streamlined.

Replace any bulky knobs & handles with slim & sleek handles. Magnetic strips, & finger pulls also provide a much premium look to your kitchen as it feels more modern & sophisticated looking.

4. Alternate to Cabinets Is Open Shelving

Let us be honest, cabinets seem to look old-fashioned these days. Modern women seem to replace the closed cabinets with a lot more appealing look of open shelving.

This cost-effective idea gives you a better look at your kitchen as it feels that your kitchen has more room & depth. Additionally, your most used items can be placed on the open shelves that will give an easy reach.

Moreover, it provides an effective & easy way to clean the accumulated dust & gunk which is otherwise ignored in closed cabinets.

5. Clear the Clutter

One of the kitchen decor ideas on a budget includes the most prime step, which is, clearing the clutter. No kitchen designing ideas are of use if your countertops are always flooded with useless containers & unused dinnerware.

Just get rid of unused items by selling them, donating them, or throwing them away for good which will give your cabinet & countertops a clean & crisp look.

Also, this will result in easy cleaning as previously it would not have been easy to clean the surface as stuff was lying around. This is a budget-friendly idea & requires literally no cash spending.

6. Cupboard Extension

Cupboard Extension

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If you have unused room above your cupboards & cabinets, you are just helping a spider build its web there. Wasting the prime space above the cabinets is pointless as you can store more of your goodies in those empty patches.

Get a good carpenter to build the additional cabinets to fill up the leftover space or ask him to extend the current cabinets all the way to the top. The place above can be used to store the items which aren’t used much often like premium dinner sets or that expensive electric grill.

7. Hanging Mugs

This seems pretty basic but still, not everyone does it. Get yourself a low-cost mug hanger & install it in an empty space to hang your daily use mugs.

This will free up space in your cabinets & give your kitchen a much more presentable look. Also, the mugs will be within easy reach.

A Few Last Words

That’s all from our side. We hope you enjoyed our collection of some of the most effective kitchen decor ideas on a budget.

Feel free to comment down below your views about this article & also give your suggestions regarding more kitchen décor ideas that you implement personally in your daily lives.


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